Fez was the northern capital of Rashid from 1666 once he finally managed to conquer the wealthy city. Rashid went on to defeat Ghailan, Mohammed al Hadj and the Dilaites, Abu Bakr of Marrakesh and finally Sous to become the first Sultan of the Alaouite Dynasty to rule the whole of Morocco.

The walled medinas of Fez are famed for their intricate streets and alleys and historic buildings, retaining much of their character from the C17th. and earlier.

Fez actually comprised twin towns popularly known as Old Fez, the original city







and New Fez, built as a kasbah incorporating a royal palace and administrative area - both were and are surrounded by defensive walls.










It seems nothing survives of the palace Rashid had built in New Fez, but the walls surrounding the huge Kasbah Cherada designed to house his troops recruited from his own tribes.






His library at the Qarawiyyin Mosque remains and is reputedly the oldest continually operating library in the world.









He also ordered the building of the Cherratine Madrasa.


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Fez is a wonderful place to explore, full of fascinating sights reflecting its past











and crafts continuing into the present day