Statements about English Tangier that are demonstrably wrong will be listed on the 'misleading' pages - here you will find statements  about which I have been unable to determine the truth. 


1. Palmes Fairborne's birth date and age:

Fairborne's memorial stone in Westminster Abbey states that he died in October 1680 aged 46. 

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biographies lists him as being born in 1644, making him 17 when he returned from fighting as a mercenary for the Venetians in Candia (Crete) and married Marjory before sailing off the Tangier as captain of a company in Lord Peterborough's (Governor's) Regiment.  Although not impossible - his son was made a cornet at the age of 12 - this would mean he dies aged 36, and his wife got his age wrong on his memorial, which seems somewhat unlikely.  

I guess this could be resolved by searching the parish records of Newark-on-Trent (where his parents lived).