People wanting to profit from Tangier

Tangier was the key to the Mediterranean; Moroccan chieftains wished to be the one seen to expel the infidel from Muslim lands, individuals saw the opportunity to make their fortunes in trade, but the Queen Regent of Portugal had an entirely different motive. These are brief narrative histories of characters involved in English Tangier.

Fighting men


Captain Palmes Fairborne

Palmes had proven his bravery and leadership as a soldier of fortune fighting the Turks in Candia. Could he make his mark in Tangier?  more  

Charles Stuart in Exile

Would Charles Stuart in exile ever become Charles II of England?   more  

Earl of Sandwich

Could Edward Montague, recently elevated to the peerage in recognition of his role in restoring Charles to the throne, take control of Tangier before the Spanish or Dutch landed?  more  


At last Ghailan was being recognised as the Bey of Tangier.  more  

Louis XIV of France

Coming Soon - The King of France was keen to extend his countries influence as widely as possible. This page will examine Louis XIV's strategy on Tangier.  more