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Background pictures:

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Univ of Toronto.; Wenceslaus Hollar, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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Prospect of York Castle

Prospect of the Grounds around Henrietta Fort

Prospect of Tangier from the S.E

Prospect of Tangier from the E


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Dramatis personae

Catherine of Braganza and Charles II, unidentified artist, public Domain via Wiki Commons


Armies: Prospect of the Lower Part of Tangier, Wenceslaus Hollar, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons





The Siege of Tangier 1683 (Dyrham Park), National Trust Images CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikicommons

Stumbling Blocks

National Archives CO 279 / 34 f3 Colonial Office Papers Tangier

Primary & Secondary Sources

National Archives CO 279 / 39 Colonial Office Papers Tangier, Letterbook