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Water Supply

In his 1682 list of problems in Tangier Pepys mentions the difficulty of obtaining a regular water supply during a recent drought - the only source being Fountain Fort.








At the time of the occupation in 1662 there were many wells and several public water fountains. The underground courses supplying these were described in a book the Portuguese handed to Peterborough, who subsequently said he had lost it.

Visiting ships often report taking water onboard at Tangier, but there were reports of the wells running dry through lack of maintenance, and I read somewhere acting governor Fairborne had the conduits cleaned out.

The Street Map of Tangier 1681 (National Archives) above shows an open river flowing under the city walls and running down beside Flood Street, and emerging on the beach next to the coal store. This river is also shown in Hollar's drawings. 

Can anyone quote sources giving evidence of the reliability or otherwise of water supply through the years of occupation?


Where was the Hospital?






Where was the original hospital? Was the large hospital shown on the plan below ever built?


Where was the prison?

Where was the original prison?







Was the Provost Marshall's house with combined prison ever built? If so where was it?