Where was Jews' Lane?

There are numerous references to African Jews living in C17th Tangier, and it is very likely that they lived in a close community. In addition the list of houses and rents in the National Archives contains frequent references to ‘Jewes Lane' see National Archives CO 279/34 pp 4, 18, 21, 23.


There were at least 9 houses in the Lane, one of which was House Number 312 and there are references to the upper lane, and the lower lane between a house and the prison.

However the 1680 street map of Tangier has no Jews Lane.










... and I have not been able to identify the location of Jews Lane with any certainty.


Where were Lord Sandwich's properties?

National Archives CO 279/34 p4 refers to Lord Sandwich owning properties in Tangier:



 ... but I cannot find out which ones.






Where did Palmes Fairborne live? Did he change houses as his family grew?

National Archives CO 279/34 p14 refers to a 2 up 2 down house of Major Palmes Fairborne:








I can find no hint anywhere as to where Fairborne lived.


Where did the soldiers and their officers live? 


Where did the officers live? Where did rank & file soldiers live? Did their quarters change when there when the army was larger? Were there houses in the upper castle as shown on some maps of Tangier? If so when were they built and who lived in them.