Armies competing for Tangier

The English armed forces had been professionalised during the English Civil Wars and greatly expanded under the Rump Parliament. Who were they and who would they be fighting? Click on a picture for more information.


English Parliamentarian Regiments

How Harley's Regiment of dedicated Protestants, now setting out to fight the Muslims of Barbary, had earned their fierce reputation fighting against the Catholics of Spain.  more  

English Royalist Regiments

The men who rallied to Charles Stuart's flag in the hopes of earning Spanish support for an invasion of England, but ended up being sent to Africa to defend his newly acquired city...  more  

Ghailan’s Moroccans

Coming Soon - Ghailan had been rallying his militia army of some ten or twenty thousand Berbers for several years - could he lead them in jihad to reclaim Tangier? This page will d...  more  

Spanish Army

The Spanish Army had given Cromwell's Army a bloody nose in the Caribbean, but how likely were the much feared tercios to snatch Tangier before the English could occupy the city?  more