Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism - the exploration of the history and culture of a place you are visiting - adds interest and purpose to a holiday.

There are many ways to discover more about English Tangier, from exploring the city itself or other C17th sites in Morocco, to visiting sites more widely spread that influenced the development of English Tangier or investigating documents and pictures associated with the occupation.  




Tangier City and Bay

If you want a good idea of what life was like in C17th Tangier take a stroll around the Medina - the Old Quarter.

Much of the Medina is just as it was during the days of English Tangier.

Tangier is an exciting holiday destination, with affordable prices, an excellent climate, friendly people who still know how to provide top quality service and plenty of interesting sites to explore.


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The refuge to which C17th warlord Ghailan retreated whenever he was threatened still retains its complete circuit of city walls.

The picturesque Medina is a great tourist attraction and a holiday favourite for Moroccans. boasting beautiful guest-houses with roof-top terraces and shady courtyards.

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Northern capital of Sultan Rashid (1666-1672), Fez grew wealthy on the  trans-Saharan trade in gold, slaves, ivory and sugar.

A popular place for rulers to build their strongholds and administrative centres, the city walls and gateways are largely intact and many fascinating buildings have survived from its glory days including the city version of a carvanserai.

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Northern capital of Sultan Ismael 1672 - 1627) who instigated a massive building programme which continued throughout his lifetime.

Much of what Ismael built was in a state of decay, but a huge amount of restoration has taken place and this work continues.  

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To this day a Spanish enclave, during the time of English Tangier Ceuta was a constant threat to the English, whether plotting their own assault or offering to assist the Moroccans with cannon and artillery experts.   

Ceuta retains its city walls and much of its character from the C17th.

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Sale and Rabat

Coming soon - Sale,  home to the infamous 'Sale Rovers' Barabary corsairs who ranged as far afield as Ireland and Iceland, retains a complete mediaeval wall, as does its sister city of Rabat.

The twin cities are separated by the River Bou Regreg, which reaches the sea in a stunning harbour.

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1st Earl of Sandwich locations including Mapperton House

Coming soon - One of the most exciting places in the UK with links to English Tangier is the Dorset estate of the present Earl of Sandwich, descendant of Edward Montague 1st Earl of Sandwich who was such an enthusiastic supporter of English Tangier.   


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1st Tangier Regiment - Museums & locations

Coming soon - Peterborough's Regiment, the 1st Tangier Regiment, has been through many reorganisations and consequently has several museums and site associated with it. The original muster location - Putney Heath is marked with a memorial.

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