Destinations for heritage tourism related to English Tangier

Destinations for heritage tourism related to English Tangier


Travel Agents Specialising in Tangier & the Gharb

Coming soon - a select list of travel agents with specialist knowledge of places associated with English Tangier  more  

Other Destinations associated with English Tangier

Coming soon - a list of other destinations associated with English Tangier  more  

Knights of Malta locations

Coming soon - locations associated with the Knights of Malta  more  

Destination Tangier

Tangier itself, as a modern city and as an historical destination is a wonderful city for tourists.  more  

Destination Sale & Rabat

Where can we find evidence of the Sale Rovers - corsairs who marauded their way around the British Isles?  more  

Destination Meknes

Where will we find traces of Sultan Ismael?  more  

Destination Fez

Where did Sultan Rashid establish his capital?   more  

Destination Ceuta

Can we find evidence of the Spanish who competed with the English in Morocco?  more  

Destination Arzila

How can we trace the trail of Ghailan the warlord who caused so much heartache to the English? Arzila - his go-to refuge - lies some thirty miles down the Atlantic coast from Tan...  more